Original Medicare

You can choose Original Medicare (Parts A & B), which is provided by the federal government.   Or you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C).  These plans are offered through private insurance companies.

You contributed to Medicare by paying taxes.  That's why you're eligible for Medicare when you turn 65,

Original Medicare doesn't pay for everything.  You still pay a share of the cost in monthly premiums and co-pays.

Medicare Part A

Mediare Part A insurance helps pay for "medically necessary" care (care for an illness or medical condition) that involves an inpatient stay in the hospital.  

Part A also helps pay for a stay in a skilled nursing facility as  a follow-up to a hospital stay, hospice care for the terminally ill and some skilled home health care for the home-bound.  Part A also helps pay for some blood transfusions. 

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B insurance helps pay for a variety of medically necessary care - that is, care for an illness or medical condition.  This includes services like doctor's office visits, care in hospitals and clinics when you are not admitted as an "inpatient stay," laboratory tests and some diagnostic screenings, and some skilled nursing care at home, if you're home-bound.

Medicare Part B is making it easier to get preventative care.  It now covers an annual wellness exam plus additional preventative screenings at no cost to you.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) coverage that helps fill the gaps in Medicare Parts A & B.   In general a Medicare supplement policy only helps you with your cost sharing for Parts A and Parts B, like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.  

They don't cover long-term care like nursing home care, routine vision, dental or hearing care, hearing aids, eye glasses, or private -duty nursing.  Some policies do offer coverage of some emergency care outside the United States. 

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans combine services of Part A and Part B, and often Medicare Part D.

All Medicare Advantage plans are run by private companies, and they all combine coverage for hospital stays with coverage for doctor visits.

These plans are also called coordinated care plans.  There can have limits on the doctors and hospitals your use.

The terms of these plans vary.  Look at the plan details to see limits or exclusions it might have.

Medicare Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is a critical part of your insurance coverage.  For many clients their cost at the drugstore can be the largest bill of their monthly budget. 

Health Insurance Under 65 Years Old

Family Health Insurance

Health insurance is insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over a large number of persons.  

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still in place today, offering families the potential of a tax credit to help pay the monthly premiums, based on household income.

Alternative Health Plans

Today there are many alternatives available to families to help with health care expenses:

  • Healthcare sharing , which is a group of people unite to help pay each other's medical bills. ACA exempt healthcare plans.
  • There are  Health Care Sharing Ministry hospitalization and surgery plans.   
  • Everyday healthcare plans for individual and families, that offer wellness, preventive and primary care.
  • As well as lab, diagnostic and urgent care.

Group Health Plans

There are many traditional and alternative health plans that are appropriate for a group.  Consider having a consultation to discuss options that may fit your business and employees.

Life Insurance

Life insurance gives you peace of mind.  We offer a variety of plans:

  • Whole or Term plans
  • Final Expense

Cancer / Critical Plans

Have you thought of what extra expenses you might have in the event of a critical illness or cancer?   Your expense's will continue during your battle with the illness, it would be  nice to have help with that.  What if you need to travel away from your home town for treatment.  Hotel, meals, etc. It would be nice to have financial help for this as well.

Dental Plans

We offer the traditional dental coverage plan through Delta Dental.

There is also a  prepaid dental plan available through Dental Health Services.